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Hjemmelavet Remoulade

Posted by on November 5, 2011

As a Dane in America, there are a few several foods that I really miss. One of them is the condiment Remoulade. It is a Danish variant of the French Remoulade Sauce which is pretty much only used for seafood recipes. The Danish Remoulade is also for seafood but is just as often used for hotdogs, meatballs, salami etc.

Danish Remoulade

Remoulade is my favorit condiment, and I would use it on anything where an american would use mustard or ketchup. In Denmark I would always buy Remoulade and I had never attempted or heard of anyone who had attempted to make it before I moved to America. Online, I have found various recipes but they are usually more complicated and time consuming than what I feel like doing when I need a quick condiment for my sandwich. Thus, I have attempted to make my own very quick recipe. It does not taste exactly the same as the Danish Remoulade bought in shops, but soon I expect that I will be so used to the homemade kind that it is what I prefer. It is possible to make a larger potion and save it, but my experience is that it very quickly gets a stronger taste, thus, I would much rather prefer to make a new quick batch whenever I need it.

If you want, you can make your own homemade mayonnaise, but to save myself the time, and because I am making this out of necessity rather than because I want it all homemade, I am going to use bought mayonnaise. I use Miracle Whip Light, since that is the light product.


1 tbl. Light Miracle Whip
½ pickle chopped as finely as possible
a dap or two of curry.

Mix it all together.

Recipe in Danish / Opskrift på dansk

1 spsk. mayonæse
½ finthakket syltet agurk
1 knivspids karry

Det alt sammen blandes.

4 Responses to Hjemmelavet Remoulade

  1. Andre Mountjoy

    Aloha dude! I’ve just bookmarked this site about remoulade. I will make remoulade tonight.

  2. Palle

    Glad you liked it.

  3. Torben Hansen

    Hej Palle,

    Mange tak for tippet. Jeg er en dansker i USA som dig selv og jeg har været efter en let opskrift på remoulade. Det er svært at leve uden !

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